Fares and Reservations

CSG AirBus offers transportation to and from DTW.



AirBus reservations will be available soon. Once the schedule is confirmed, you will be able to reserve a seat on the Eastbound trip of your choice. Browse the schedules for a trip that fits, then click the RESERVE icon to access our reservation system.

Once you complete the transaction, we'll charge the $9 fare to your Student Account and that's it! Please note, the charge will not show up on your Student Account until after break.

You'll receive a confirmation email. We don't issue actual tickets, just bring your Mcard and swipe it as you board the bus.

Reservations for each AirBus season open as noted on each schedule page. We'll accept reservations up until two days before the trip, or until the trip sells out.

Bring your Mcard. We'll charge the $9 fare to your Student Account (not Blue Bucks!)


To Ann Arbor

All Westbound trips (to Ann Arbor) operate on a first-come, first-served basis.Currently, there are no reservations for Westbound trips. Simply swipe your Mcard as you board the $11 fare is charged to your Student Account (not Blue Bucks!)

In order to ensure smooth boarding procedures, we ask that you check in with Central Student Government AirBus staff at each terminal before boarding. This allows us to guarantee our buses are not over capacity and will make the boarding process more manageable. Look here for information on where to find the AirBus staff at the North and Mcnamara terminals.