Bus Stops

On Campus

All AirBus trips to Metro Airport pick up at these three locations. Bus stop signs will be posted a few days before buses operate.

At the Airport

All AirBus trips pick up at both airline terminals. Please note that we cannot post signs or display information at the aiport. Locations are subject to change, so look for AirBus staff to assist you. We're there to help!

North Terminal

AirBus picks up at the Ground Transportation Center

Go up two levels from the bag claim area, cross the bridge, descend the escalator to your right. At the bottom of the escalator, make a u-turn. AirBus boards at the north end of the building. (It's not as complicated as it sounds!)

McNamara Terminal

AirBus picks up from the Arrivals Baggage Claim Door 5

From the baggage claim area, proceed to bag carousel 10. AirBus boards near the far door at the end of arrivals