AirBus Fall 2020

Fall 2020 - Health & Safety

New policies

Due to COVID-19 our implementation of AirBus will be different for Fall 2020.

All requirements are to promote safety of student riders, student staff, and Trinity Transportation staff.

New requirements and Safety Precautions

- You must make a reservation to take AirBus, no walk ons will be permitted. This is to make sure we can properly track ridership, as well as to make sure we do not go over capacity.

- Masks are required. You may not board the bus without a mask.

- Riders will be asked to sit one person per row to promote social distancing.

- Trips will be limited to 14 riders per trip to allow us to have riders sit one person per row.

- In order to board, you must complete the UM Health Screen and show it to the AirBus staff.

- We encourage riders to get the COVID test a few days in advance and practice social distancing prior to travel.

- If you make a reservation, your account will be charged unless cancelled two days prior to your trip. Capacity is limited, and we are running more buses to accommodate the same amount of riders we had in 2019-2020, so we ask that you cancel your reservation in advance or you will be charged for the seat.

- Trinity Transportation will be cleaning in between each trip to sanitize the buses.

- Windows on the bus may be open to increase air circulation. This means the trip may be cold, so please dress warmly.

Please note that we do not currently have plans to offer trips back to campus in January. This may change, check back for details.